Doula Services

Roots4Change (Raíces para el Cambio) is the first immigrant marketing cooperative in Dane County focusing on health. Our trained Doulas strive to deliver the highest quality, personal care for the expecting mother. 

The standard package is outlined here; however, each participant will be assessed at the first home visit to determine the intensity of care for the mom/partner/baby. During all visits, R4C’s Doulas will ensure the creation of safe spaces that allow for the mom to feel at ease and facilitate the development of trust.

Summary of Core Services:

Prenatal Care – 3 Visits (each visit lasting 1.5-2 hours)


  • Visit # 1: Development of Baseline care package to identify: support required, areas of concern (fears, past experiences), mother’s support networks, and current coping mechanisms for stress management.
  • Visit # 2: Provide education so the mother can develop a birth plan.
  • Visit # 3. Provide education and any support needed by the mother.
Support at Hospital During Labor

CHW-D will meet participants at the laboring site upon contact from the mom/partner or family member. If induction is preformed and active labor lasts more than 24 hours, CHW-D will be be supported by a trained colleague. Assistance with breastfeeding will be provided within the first two hours of the birth.


 Post-Partum Care – 3 Visits


  • Visit # 1: Hospital discharge visit.
  • Visit # 2: Visit within two week (s) after baby is home.
  • Visit # 3: Visit one month after birth. Prenatal and postnatal visits will address breastfeeding and additional breastfeeding support and consultation will be provided as needed (individual session and during peer-support groups). 

Meet Our Doulas

As trained doulas and community health workers, our six owner-members are are pleased to support their community though wellness services and education.