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Roots4Change focuses on Latinx/Indigenous families and their involvement in system transformation. We are committed to sowing change in our communities, one seed at a time, and are pleased to offer the following services. R4C’s five member-owners are trained doulas and community health workers. We offer customized care to fit your birthing needs. 

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Doula Services

Our doulas strive to provide the highest quality personal care to the expectant mother and parent. The standard package is described here; however, each participant will be evaluated at the first home visit to determine the intensity of care for the mother / parent / partner / baby. During all visits, the R4C Doulas will ensure the creation of safe spaces that make the expectant parent feel comfortable and facilitate the development of confidence.

From helping you curate your birth plan to lactation and breastfeeding support, our doulas are here to walk alongside you every step of the way.

We offer scale-based fees and scholarships for doula services.

Contact us to learn about service packages and scholarships.

Our perinatal doula services include 3 Visits, each visit lasting 1.5-2 hours

Visit #1: Development of Baseline care package to identify: support required, areas of concern (fears, past experiences), mother’s support networks, and current coping mechanisms for stress management.

Visit #2: Provide education so the mother can develop a birth plan

Visit #3: Provide education and any support needed by the mother

CHW-D will meet participants at the laboring site upon contact from the mom, partner, or family member. If induction is preformed and active labor lasts more than 24 hours, CHW-D will be be supported by a trained colleague. Assistance with breastfeeding and lactation will be provided within the first two hours of the birth.

Our postpartum doula services include 3 Visits, each visit lasting 1.5-2 hours. 

Visit #1: Hospital discharge visit.

Visit #2: Visit within two week (s) after baby is home.

Visit #3: Visit one month after birth. Prenatal and postnatal visits will address breastfeeding, lactation, and additional support and consultation will be provided as needed (can include individual sessions and peer-support groups).

Our scholarships are offered to people who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), in particular Latin American and Caribbean immigrants.
Thanks to the many years of work, R4C is in a position to provide services of maternal and infant education, nutrition, prenatal yoga, and community leadership, through a sliding scale payment system


The Roots4Change Cooperative is compromised of doulas who have hundreds of hours of trauma informed, culturally responsive care for birthing parents. Contact us today to see how we can best support you.

Lactation can come with many unanticipated obstacles, our doulas work alongside you to learn more about the process and what works for you.

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Community Workshops

We offer several packages for organizations of all sizes; from workshops and events to consulting and education services.

We offer services in Spanish, English, and Kichwa.

Contact us today to see how we can best work together to create a successful event!