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Apapachar Colectivo LLC

Maricela Martinez


“We all have a purpose in life, a special talent that he gives to others and when we mix this talent with the service to others, we experience ecstasy and joy in our spirit, which is the only goal of all goals” — Deepak Chopra.

My name is Maricela Martinez Munguia. I am many things, but most importantly I am a mother of three, a loving wife, a member of Raíces Para el Cambio and an owner of the Apapachar Collective LLC Business. I became a doula because I saw the need for more of us in the Hispanic community. After training and taking courses to better my understanding of topics related to social justice, trauma-informed care, leadership, breastfeeding, and nutrition, I started to train to become a doula. Over the course of my training, I learned that there is so much that goes into being a doula and that the mental and spiritual health of a mother is just as important as their physical health. Today, as a doula and community health worker, my focus is to serve the women in my community to help them as best as I can during such an important time of their lives.

Though I miss my community in my hometown of San Pedro Benito Juarez, I am proud to be able to serve my community here as I once did there and achieve more than motherhood and wifehood. As a doula, I am able to help folks listen to their bodies, be more present during childbirth, recognize their power as they bring life into the world, and above all respect the mother and child’s basic needs. Above all, my goals are to support women in labor, reduce any trauma during that time, and help foster a beautiful birth experience that intentionally centers the woman’s health throughout the birth. By being aware of my connection to my own feminine energy and the everlasting strength of God, I can help make the process as empowering as possible.

One of my areas of expertise I continuously train for and educate myself on are issues related to Trauma Informed Care (TIC) and how such traumas can affect a mother, child, and family if they are not recognized or spoken. They can cause difficulties during and after pregnancy and childbirth and as a doula, my job is also one as a facilitator of trauma. I accompany the mother and recognize certain traumas generated at some point in her life and work together to create better experiences to have a respected birth. We are only born once and I am convinced that if you come into the world a different way, you will also live differently.

Professional Qualifications / Areas of Expertise / Certifications / Training

  • Doula (DONA International)
  • Postpartum Doula (Dona International).
  • Community Health Worker (Centro Hispano)
  • Lactation Support Training (via Healthy Children Project, Inc. )
  • Facilitator on mental health issues – TIC (collab. with Wisconsin Hawthorn Project)
  • Facilitator in Nutrition Workshops (Pa’ponerse Saludable and La Tierra Hizo mi Almuerzo).
  • Certified in CPR/AED (MATC)
  • 500+ hours in continuing education in the medical field
  • Training the Mind, Body, and Heart for Childbirth and Beyond (via the Mayo Clinic)
  • Leadership Program (HWLI via UW School of Medicine & Public Health)
  • La Fuerza – Certification in Leadership Development and Community Health Workers (UW-Milwaukee)

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